+Daniel Suarez on CNN. I feel p…

+Daniel Suarez on CNN.
I feel proud to have discovered this #author  and followed him around ever since. The issues & topics he is touching in his made-for-mainstream literature are always on spot and ahead of our time.

The themes Suarez touches upon act as a humble warning on how we (mis)use #technology  in our day and age. At the same time his tales function as a stark exclamation mark behind concepts like "technological #democratization ", "genuine individual #choice  in a corporate globalized world", " #crowdsourcing  public consensus" and soon "political- or corporate know-how #monopolies " (see his latest book, " #influx ", slated for U.S. release on Feb 20th, 2014).

Daniel Suarez says the FAA is establishing six locations to try out safety and privacy approaches for civilian drones. It’s a vital dialogue to get started.
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